Powerbook Ethernet Speed / Duplex setting


Hi all.

I have a G3 Powerbook 400 Bronze with SCSI (not Firewire).

In order to connect it to an ethernet hub I have to use a set of extensions I found in the Apple Tech Info Libraries that allow you to stop the ethernet card from autonegotiating speed and duplex. This is the only way I can get the PB to connect to anything via ethernet and even then it only likes certain hubs...

I've recently installed OSX on the machine and can't get anything to work with the ethernet port whatsoever... The only way I can get online is by booting up in OS 9.1. If I run 9.1 from with OSX the extensions don't work..

Does anyone know of a way I can tell the ethernet port to stay at a set speed and duplex from with OSX?

This is so frustrating.. Please help me!!


the magic keywords are

media 10baseT/UTP (or 100baseTX) mediaopt full-duplex

It is an exercise for the reader to find the correct file to put these, since Apple, in its infinite wisdom, removed /etc/rc.conf
Thanks very much for the help.

I'm pretty much new to Unix though.. I've found the etc directory and found a few config files but I don't really have a clue which to edit and where to put the command line..

Any idea?

Thanks again..

that are like yours have the same problem... It sounds like your built-in ethernet has something wrong with it. IF anyone who has a computer like yours has the same problems then its probably a design issue... Have you looked for any firmware updates that might fix this problem... Ethernet must follows IEEE standards to ensure compatability with other ENET devices... seems to me that your powerbook isn't doing this.

As for your question... I am not sure what file this would go into but if MacOSX follows any BSD conventions, it would have to issue the ifconfig command from someplace to properly startup the network...

Like so... lets assume the enet interface is known as de0

ifconfig de0 inet netmask media 10baseT/UTP mediaopt full-duplex

basically do a man command on ifconfig and a man on the ethernet device` name

man ifconfig - shows you how to use ifconfig
man de0 - shows you how your specific card(de0 in this case) can be configured.

Hope this helps but I am not at my Mac at the moment.