Powerbook G3 250


PowerBook G3 250Mhz
5 Gig HD, 96 Megs RAM, CD and floppy modules for media bay, 2 extra (total of 3) batteries, Active Matrix screen, modem, IR, SCSI, ADB, Serial, S-Video, SVGA, Ethernet ports.
In fully working condition so far as I know, used to work for a Mac Specialist and often did work in the repair department. This machine has passed MacTest Pro (Apple's own testing program) for it while I was working there. It has seen use as a multimedia, graphics, and general purpose machine. I believe it is now time for me to part with it for the right price and move up to a G4 with a huge screen (not a PowerBook G4, although very droolworthy) for my demanding multimedia and graphics work.
Please send me an e-mail with your offer if you're interested and I will let you know.
I can post that, due to many e-mails asking, it is still available. I may shortly also decide to ebay my Powerbook, if I do I will put the link here as well. Thank you for looking and I hope I can find somebody that wants this excelent machine. :)
Please note, I say make an offer because I want you to...no offer is ignored, etc...
Some people have asked me what I want, and run when I say make an offer...I don't understand why...
Enjoy, :)
Hello I'm willing to buy our Powerbook. How much will you offer it?
I don't live in USA I live in Indonesia..can you organize it?
THanks a lot