Powerbook G3 Lombard Keeps Booting to Console Mode And Prompts Login?



This time I'm having problems with my Powerbook g3 Lombard.

I was in the process of Software Updating to 10.3.9 and it was during the optimization step of the process the machine paniced and requested me to hold down power key for restart.

I did so and now when I boot up it gets as far as the process where you see the chrome apple and the start up services and then it goes to a unix looking console mode and prompts me for a login and password??

the command line previous to the login in prompt reads
Darwin/BSD ( Username-Computer.local)(console)

I have no idea what to type here??
I have tried my login in and password from OSX but no luck

when I enter a wrong login it goes to the blue start screen with the little sundial clock spinning in the bottom of the screen for a few moments then back to the console login screen.

I booted from OSX Panther install CD and ran disk utility and did a disk repair and a permissions repair but still having the same problem?

Any help Greatly Appreciated...

Start up with the Panther CD and do an archive and preserve installation. Make sure you are using the power adaptor when you do this. Also remove any additional devices from your machine.

After installation, repair permissions using Disk Utility from the Applications>Utilities folder.

Then get the 10.3.9 combo update from here:

Repair permissions again. Then use Software update to get the security updates, repairing permissions after that install.
I'm having the same problem with an iMac G4. Unfortunately, I can't get the disk drive to open so that I can boot from the OS CD. Any suggestions?

Jenise Aminoff