Powerbook G3 Lombard, MacOS X 10.3.9, problems after sleep.


I have a 400MHz powerbook G3 Lombard with 512 MB of memory. On this I have installed MacOS X 10.3.9.

Yesterday, I ran into the following problem:

The PB went to sleep, and then I woke it up and shut it down. But it never shut down; to get it to shut down I had to remove the battery and the power cord.

Then, when I next rebooted it, I get the chime, the apple on the screen, and then a gray circle with a slash across. I assume this means "I cannot find a disc to start from".

Booting from the install CD, and using the disk utility to repair permissions fixed the problem.

How can I avoid the sleep-"no shutdown" problem?

(... and why can't the journalling file system handle a power-loss like this, when ext3, resierfs, and jfs under Linux can?)
Your PRAM battery may have received incorrect settings, did the screensize reset? (Resolution) - just make sure that your firmware is updated, and be sure to update your battery's firmware for OS X - I did on my iBook and I get like 10 Min. more of power. Repair permissions after any major install - I'll do that on this iBook right now. sounds like a good idea.
No, the screensize did not change.

The powerbook firmware is updated.

How do you update the firmware of the battery?