Powerbook G3 Lombard Won't Start


My PowerBook G3 333 MHz Lombard will not start up. I hear a slight click sometimes, but no start up tone. The caps lock key lights up. I tried resetting with the reset button on the back, and when it is released, the power light comes on momentarily, but nothing when I press the power button. I replaced the hard drive with one that I know is good, but no difference. How can I tell if I need to replace the power/charger board or something else?

My technical level is moderate. I can follow the disassembly manual to replace parts, but I don't know how to troubleshoot the electronics.
Thanks, George
Honestly, it sounds like the processor board isn't seeded correctly. I've gotten emergency calls from people working on their own systems (replacing/adding RAM, and replacing the hard drive) with exactly the same issue.

I would suggest removing the processor board and then putting it back to make sure that it is seeded correctly on the logic board.

Remember... firm force, but not bruit force! ;)


Or you could call a service person with experience on those systems. I'd most likely take less than an hour fixing such an issue, so figure you'd be paying for one hour at their hourly rate (and getting some piece of mind out of it).

Best of luck.