PowerBook G3 Series won't boot to OS X disk for install


I cannot get my PB G3 series computer to boot to the OS X disc so that I can install. I've tried holding down the "C" key, I've tried selecting the disc in the "Startup Disks" control panel, I've even tried running the setup application (like you're not supposed to do).

Okay, now I'm adding.
I've also tried the system disk control panel on the CD, and that won't recognize the CD as a startup disk.

Will someone please help?

-the otherguy

[Edited by otherguy on 12-19-2000 at 02:56 PM]
There is a key combination that you can use at startup to bypass the startup disk. I always forget what it is. It might be open apple + option + shift + delete. If that's not it take a look in the help. This seems to work when "C" doesn't.