PowerBook G4 12-inch DVI, ModelNo. A1010

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    Oct 28, 2007
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    To: Technical Support,

    I have installed updates on a Mac OSX 10.4, including GarageBand that was 1.2 Gb. in size and later discoverd my system only is rated for a total of 1 Gb.

    Before installing updates and while browsing the PowerBook G4 would change to a dim blue shade, stop responding and a black small window with white lettering would say: Computer has quit responding, press restart button or manual off power button to restart.

    After installing updates, the PowerBook G4 performed better at first, then gave the same message as described above. Later when trying to restart, it has a light blue screen with message:

    No.1 Invalid memory access at SRRO: ff8483e4 SRR1: 00003030
    Welcome to Open Firmware, the system time and date is :09
    :08:58 10/28/2007

    No.2: To continue booting, type "mac-boot" and press return.

    No.3: To shut down, type "shut-down" and press return.

    When performing No.1: a white 1/2in. sq. window flashes alternately with side view of a person's face and then a ? (question mark) with no cursor on screen.

    When performing No.2: the system shuts down. When restarted it goes back to the No.1 message.

    Your help will be truly appreciated,

    Larry E.

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