PowerBook G4 and Mozzila Report...


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A short while back, out of the blue it seemed... my Powerbook G4 was running the fan longer and would never stop at times... going for hours.

I thought it was due to the last update, because it never ran that long before the update.. well I have found my exact cause for my fan to come on and stay on !!

At the same time I updated to 10.0.4 I also downloaded Mozilla and starting using it a bit... To make a long story short... I studied when my "Overheating" was acuring and tracked it down to Mozilla... looking at "top" in the terminal showed Mozilla eating away on average 87% cpu time when just sitting there and not in the foreground.

It's my opinion that Mozilla has no process sleep mode as yet and will eat cpu usage a full steam until it's terminated.

Now this is the "Fan Always On" cause for me, I'm not an expert, but I'm willing to bet Mozilla and any other app that does not "Go Idle" very well is the cause for the current reports I've seen on Apple's Message boards in product support for the "Powerbook G4 fan always on" threads!

It's amazing how quick it cools down after "Kill -HUP" on the mozilla id ;)
Good trick, and heaven forbid you actually launch Sherlock. Even after you quit, you'll have the content indexing process going forever in the background!

Am I the only one who thinks Sherlock is a waste?