Powerbook G4 And Netgear Wg602 Ap


I have a new G4 12" and when trying to setup AirPort, the mac connects to the AP (WEP) enabled AP but will not get an IP address passed through the AP from a Cyberguard SG570 firewall I have behind my cable modem. (I have an "allow" mac address on the AP, and I put the address in that comes up when I configured Airport).

>> I get the eroror message "you are connected to NEtgear but you have a self assigned IP address and may not be able to connect to the internet."

I have a Dell laptop that works just fine so I know the AP and DHCP server on the firewall are working.

If I connect the G4 via ethernet I can get acces to the internet. Odd thing is that even if I manually assign an IP address in the DHCP pool range, I cannot connect to the AP's or the firewall's web based managers.

I have tried blowing away the config and starting over and then rebooting, but nothing works. Am I missing something on the config on the mac??