Powerbook G4 Backlight Problem...


I'm sure this question gets asked a lot, but I have a powerbook G4 titanium and the backlight doesn't work. the screen reads perfectly fine, but it's too dark to see. hooking it up to an external monitor is the only way to use the laptop. I know that the inverter board could cause this problem, but could it also be that the screen's bulb is actually broken? how can I test this? I got the laptop off ebay and used parts from another one to "fix" the thing. but after getting everything into the one laptop, the screen's backlight won't work. I have another inverter board, should I try that? I know that there is pretty much no way for me to replace the bulb by myself...I took the other LCD I had apart and found out just how much glue they use! I had shattered bulb glass all over in no time. but I was just wondering if there was a way to test the inverter board. I'd hate to buy another LCD or send it in to have the backlight fixed if it's just the inverter. thanks.