powerbook G4 battery problem



My powerbook won´t boot. I left it with 10 mins of battery left and when I tried to recharge and wake up, it wouldn´t wake up or reboot. I´ve tried removing the battery, which seems dead (no green lights on the back part).

It doesn´t even reach the spinning sprocket, and increasing the volume turns the num lock on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Have you left the Powerbook with no power at all? (i.e. battery out, and charger not plugged in) If not, give that a try... remove the battery and disconnect the charger. Leave it alone for about 15 Mins... and then put ONLY the charger in, and see if it will fire up.

Thanks a lot for the replies. Nothing worked, so I´m trying with a technical service, if I manage to find one.

Is anyone from Madrid (Spain) reading this? If so, I´d love to hear from you.

Hi again,

Some news about my battery power. After some key combinations to reset power management, and another one without battery nor connection to mains and pressing power for 5 secs... the battery, which was dead and did not charge before... is charging! Now, the weird bit is that when I tried to boot before, I could hear the computer accessing some disks, and now I only hear the fan but no attempt to access any disks...

any clues?
I´m thinking of leaving the battery to charge completely, and then unplug and see what happens.

If anybody has had a mistery like this, I´d be really happy to hear what happened.

Some geeky person in another forum (in Spanish) has suggested that it is a problem of hard drive. Does anybody know whether there is anyway to check if that is the case?

Thanks a lot

I am having a similar problem. I can charge a battery in another machine and place it in my mac and it will work find until the battery drains. Then the computer cuts off and will not charge the battery.