Powerbook G4, Osx 10.2.8 Boot Up Delays


My Powerbook G4, running OSX 10.2.8, now takes FOREVER to boot up since recent security updates were installed. Any advice to speed up the start up sequence? Log in items are not an issue.
Look in the ...

01. '/Library/Fonts/' and '~/Library/Fonts/' folders (leaving the '/System/Library/Fonts/' folder alone).
Create a '/Library/Fonts_disabled' folder and a '~/Library/Fonts_disabled' folder - moving any excessive (none Apple provided) fonts, you do not normally use, to the respective 'disabled' folder.
Go to 'google', versiontracker', 'macupdate', etc. and search for Mac font management tools, etc.

02. '/var/vm/' folder for an excess number of and quite large in size (100's of MB's, or in GB's) 'swapfile' files. Use 'Finder's 'Go, Go to Folder...' menu item (paste in '/var/vm/', less the single quote marks and click the 'Go' button) to open the 'vm' folder.
If you do delete (trash, and empty the trash) any 'swapfile' file(s), delete them all together.

03. '/Library/Logs/' and '~/Library/Logs/' folders (and any sub-folder), for files in the MB's or '.logx' (where 'x' is 0 to ...). Use 'Finder's 'Go, Go to Folder...' menu item to open the respective 'Logs' folder.
Trying to trash (and empty the trash of) some log files still in use will result with a 'Trash' alert box displayed, stating 'The operation cannot be completed because the item "x" is in use.', where "x" is the file still open and in use, etc.. With 'Console' ('/Applications/Utilities/' folder) one can view and clear the contents of the user accessible '/Library/Logs/' and '~/Library/Logs/' log files.
Another way to delete 'log' files is to use the 'rm' (a very destructive UNIX command) in 'Terminal' ('/Applications/Utilites/') or via the AppleScript application 'Script Editor ('/Applications/AppleScript/').

04. '/System/Library/' folder for the files 'Extensions.kextcache' (typcaily, no greater than the low 100 KB's) and 'Extensions.mkext' (typically, in the low to middle MB's). If you do delete these files (together), I suggest you restart (reboot) your Mac.
As always, be very careful (what you click on, drag about, delete, etc.) when in the '/System/' folder.
Thanks for the orderly suggestions. The "~Library/Fonts/" and the "/var/vm/" folders were not present, but I did remove some useless fonts from the "/Library/Fonts/" folder, and also removed several '.logx' (where 'x' is 0 to ...). files that were in the low MB's size range.

I also eliminated the "Extensions.mkext" file in the '/System/Library/' folder that was 4.5 MB, even though it strongly protested that it "Belonged to Root." I booted off of 9.2, and trashed it that way just for revenge. It belonged to me.

Unfortunately, these efforts produced only a minimal decrease in boot-up time. However, it motivated me to use my "scorched earth" plan that I have been wanting to do for months: I trashed Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. I've hated them forever, and have also suspected them of causing problems. For good measure, I also trashed the feeble Internet Explorer.

The result? A boot up sequence time of 37 seconds, down from 4 minutes. In other words: bliss.