PowerBook G4: Sound Volume & Brightness


I'm surely not the only one who noticed that on TiBooks, the Sound Volume and Brightness Buttons on the Keyboards are useless.

The Volume Buttons do not display the Volume on screen when pressed, rendering them pretty useless. The Brightness Buttons only work when the Display Preferences have been opened at least once after each restart.

Anyone have a solution or tip?
The aggrivating thing is that Apple says in article </A HREF="http://kbase.info.apple.com/cgi-bin/WebObjects/kbase.woa/wa/query?type=id&val=106213">106213</A> that

"Apple is aware of this issue and may address it in a later version of software. This issue does not indicate any failure of your keyboard or computer hardware."

This type of thing annoys me... Why did Apple even include the volume keys on the brand new hardware (PB G4s ect.) when they "may" decide to fix this problem?

...then how could they fix it later? :p

Tbh, I didn't even notice they weren't working until the beginning of this thread. I'm more bothered about the complete lack of any sound at all when I use IE...
I could understand Apple's attitude if the TiBook was an old model - you can't please evryone. But the TiBook is a new machine, built at a time when OS X Public Beta was out already by a long shot.

That is not the way to keep customers happy.
really? that would be great, but I just heard that the sound and volume controls will be moved to the title bar beside the clock...
That too, but the volume brightness conrols WILL work, apparently with a neat-o looking transluscent status bar/feedback thingy.