Powerbook G4 Titanium - broken display or what?


Has anyone ever seen this problem on his powerbook? http://www.awi.dds.nl/test/1.jpg

My display is giving me the strangest color-mixes and once a while he's working fine for 1 minute...

When I connect a display with the VGA-connection, I see that everything is working fine, with normal picture...

Who knows what is wrong here, and what is the solution?

If the PB can drive and external image, it does not sound like the video card is the problem. It appears your LCD display may be broken. In that model TI PB, the hinges are where the wires for the LCD are located. I have read where, the wires get pinched when the LCD is opened and closed.
It's toast. Probably the cable from the mother board to the screen unless you have tramatized the screen lately. Dropping it, sitting on it...all bad.

If the MB and video were bad then you couldn't drive an external monitor.