Powerbook Harddrive Full- But Not Really.


A few days back I tried importing files from an external hard drive to my laptop. Half way through the transfer - I had to restart (connection between the two was lost). I decided to delete the files that were already transfered over, for a clean start. After doing so - and restarting the file transfer, I was told that my hard drive was full. Surprised by this, I removed all my music and pictures; which should have emptied up 30gigs. Hard drive is said to be at 75.5gig full (yes I emptied the trash and secure empty trash). I removed everything from my computer, but my applications. The hard drive is still reading at 75.5 full.

Being that the hard drive reads as full, I cannot download any 3rd party applications to assist me; nor is the Disk Utility helping me.

I took my mac to the Genius bar - they ran disk warrior and said to remove what I had on the hard drive and then expand my "Security" File Vault. But I cannot, being that the hard drive is still reading as full.

Use the terminal to see if there are any hidden files starting with a dot ".".

Do this by doing an "ls -la" of the directory. There almost certainly will be a ".DS_Store", but thier might be something else.

If there is another dot file there, it might be a temp file that is placed during the copy and then deleted upon completion.

So you could try deleting the other dot files, or maybe creating a new clean folder and copying to that...