Powerbook Internal Modem


Some time ago I was struggling to connect my powerbook to the internet via my USB ADSL modem - so in a fit of rage and stupidity removed completely the Internal Modem from my machine (in some bizarre logic that I would never need it again and possibly might eliminate a conflict between the two).

Suffice to say, I do now need to use my internal modem - and it had nothing to do with why my adsl wasn't working.

I hoped whilst upgrading to Tiger this might have been fixed, but unfortunately not. I am running 10.4.3. If I look in system profiler under modem there is nothing - where once there was.

Also in my Network Port Configurations in the locations that used to have the Internal Modem it is still visible but completely greyed out and you cannot check the box.

When adding a new location there is no Internal Modem added.

Any suggestions for re-installing my Internal Modem?

Many thanks,