powerbook lombard


i have a powerbook lombard (bronze key) with a 4 gb drive. i have partitioned the drive as follows: first partition with mac os 9 and reserved the second partition as a hpfs+ volume for the mac os x. can i install mac os x on the second partition/volume? will i have to format the whole disk?


You will be able to install to the second partition but I have had sever problems installing on My Lombard, but I think that is due to the CD Image I have.
it all went fine. did not have ANY problems when installing. so i must say that i am happy.

but... can't use ppp from the classic environment.
did install a clean and fresh version of mac os 9.04 on the first partition, before installing mac os x on the other?
Yep, Brand New. Just doesnt like it, until the final comes out I think I am going to just use X as an experiment, no serious work.

PB G3 400
196mb Ram
DVD Drive (DVD software for X? I dont think so but it would make Linux users very happy if they do.)
6GB Hard Drive
Os9.04 4gb, X 2gb.