powerbook titanium hardware troubles



I have a powerbook g4 titanium and recently upgraded to 10.4.

After using the built in ethernet for an hour or so, it stopped working. Netwaork status says that there's no cable hooked up, and the light on my network switch is not coming on either.

Then I tried to add a PCMCIA card, which the computer doesn't recognize. (used to work fine in the past.)

Now I'm trying to reinstall osx, and the installed cannot see my hard drive.

Any ideas on what's gong on? I hope I don't have a dying motherboard....

Hi Kamo and welcome to the forum.
When you got your tibook there was a hardware test CD bundled with it. Insert it and boot into your CD holding 'C' while booting. Check your system and see, if your problems are software based or - hopefully not - hardware based.
might be ur hd is going and that tiger messed ur port try reinstalling from fresh delete old hd zero it and see