Powerbook Users--- Note!


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This issue may only accur with certain or perhaps just mine but in light of being able to reproduce the issue with the same results 99.1% of the time, I felt i should post the following ;)

When my PowerBook G4 is closed and in sleep/stand-by mode, connecting external USB devices such as keyboard and mouse combo and then opening the lid just after connecting the devices will usualy result in a black screen... when checking the system.log I find where the display fails to init. I was always in this habit when getting to work. I would plug my Apple Pro Keyboard with the optical mounce connected to the keyboard up then open the open the lid (Finding it much easier to plug things up before placing the Laptop down with the screen open) using OS 9.1... For me I get the black screen 99.1% of the time when doing this running OS X. What I have found is either waiting for the Apple Logo on the lid to glow then turn off after connecting something with the lid closed then counting to 30 or best guess at Half a minute it would be fine. Or simply open the lid, the system wakes up then connecting everything.

Either way, What I have found with my PowerBook G4 and OS X is you may force your-self into a reboot if you don't time it right when connecting external USB devices and opening the lid.

I simply open the lid first then connect things, now. But just thought I ought to mention my in-counters ;)