powerbook wakes from sleep with power plugin


Often, after log-out, or simply after closing powerbook, if I plug-in or unplug the power, the computer wakes up. I must re-open then close (or select "sleep") again before moving (taking computer home/to work).

Has anybody experienced this problem? It's not a disastrous problem -- simply annoying. I would like to fix it.


joe - i dont have an answer to your issue - however...

open system profiler

click on hardware > power - in the panel on the left

both the parts where it says 'wake on ac change' on my pb are set to 'no'

if yours is different then you might want to call apple tech and see if they can help - i havent configured my pb to be set to 'no' (in fact i can't find anywhere to change the setting!). so theres no real reason that if yours is set to anything other than 'no' that it cant be changed somehow.