PowerMac 8100/100 (Free + Shipping)


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We have this PowerMac 8100/100 PowerPC machine. It comes back from the days when CLONES where around. This machine comes in the Apple PowerMac 8100/100 minitower casing... but is branded as a Radius.

The system only has around 16mb of RAM. The system WORKS, but needs a little TLC. Has Floppy and CDROM. No Hard-Drive though. Radius added a VIDEO card to the box... so supports the DB15 video connector for Apple monitors. If you have an adapter to go from HD15 to DB15... that will work fine as well.

We will give it to you for free, plus whatever packaging and shipping costs are.... whatever those turn out to be, around $20 or so.

If interested, hit the PM button below to send a private message.