PowerMac 8500 -> G3 DaughterBoard?


I have a PPC8500 that had the daughterboard upgraded to a G3 300mhz.
It has 2 video cards in it too. Both older ATI cards.
It has 208megs of RAM.
My concern is the compatibility with the upgrade, the video and the fact that the CD drive is probably less than 8x.

Anyone know if I'm SOL?
I have a similar setup:

9600/200 w/NewerTech G3 400
352mb RAM
3 internal SCSI Drives
2 Video cards, Stock IMS Twin Turbo and ATI Rage Pro 8mb
The monitor is running off of the ATI card no problems
12x CD ROM

Everything seems to working just fine, if you have any external SCSI devices make sure they are well terminated or X will not boot.
That's good to here...
I'd hate to only be able to run it at work on
my iMac DV/SE.

I'll let you all know what happens next week...
(When UPS get's their slug-butt to my house)
was completely unsuccessful.

my system, as follows:

9600/200 -- with XLR8 300mhz G3 daughtercard
400mb RAM
4GB internal SCSI drive
adaptec 2940 + 9GB UW drives (3)
ATI AGP graphics card (from a blue g3)
Orange Micro USB/Firewire card

even yanking the usb/fw card and 2940 + UW drives, i was unable to install osx. rather, it installs fine to the internal scsi drive, but upon restart, i get a blank screen. my monitor's light stays yellow, so i know it's not receiving a video signal from the card.

what's worse is that when i restart it again, i still get no video signal. zapping the pram and pressing the internal panic button (forgot what it's called) didn't help either. but reseating the video card in another slot did allow me to restart from OS9 on another SCSI drive (not previously installed). after resetting the startup partition a couple of times, and reinstalling OSX 3 times, i just gave up.

what step might i be missing? unfortunately, i don't have any other PCI video cards to try.
I presume you mean the PCI ard from a B/W G3 am I correct because if so maybe you can help me too. I have been wanting to try to put that card into my 9600 for awhile but I have not tried in fear that the 66mhz might pose a problem. If it works OK let me know I am quite interested.

The only thing that I ran into installin X was that SCSI termination is extremely important. I have just recently had to reinstall because of the same no video signal problem but, the reinsatll all works just fine.

My ATI card is in the bottom slot and the IMS Twin Turbo OEM card is in the next one up.
just realized that i had forgotten to unplug my external scsi devices. that could have been related to the issue. but after spending literally 6+ hours troubleshooting OSX, I've decided to wait a few more weeks before trying it again.


using the blue g3's ATI card was problematic in 8.51 at first because it only gave one speed for the 1024x768 video setting: 120mhz, which is too fast for my sony 17" monitor. but after upgrading to 9.x, the video problems went away. i thought it was the AGP card -- it fits in the PCI slot of my 9600 and gives no difficulty with any of the apps i use.
I finally received my PB copy on Oct 13.
What a wait!

On my iMacSE (at work) the install was a breeze!
I was on the 'net in minutes. Even through a network firewall.

At home, on the 8500 with G3/300 upgrade, the install was also a breeze. No problems whatever.

Running it is a little slow. The sound doesn't work either.
But everything including JAVA run great.

On a side note, although the sound works on the iMac, it is only routed through the front headphone jacks, not the side audio output. Internal speaker works though.


But I'm a happy OSX Camper!
To install and run the MacOS X you need remove the 2nd parts videoboards because MacOS X don't work with two or more monitors and VGAs.
You cannot run OS X with Plextor CDs.
If you zap PRAM with MacOS X installer
your 7500/8500 logicboard crashes and cannot reboot.
To resolve this you have to remove the PCI videoboard
and start within it.
zapping the pram was the most infuriating situation. for years, apple has told us to do this when we run into bizarre crises that seem inexplicable. zapping the pram on a 9600 ALSO causes osX not to boot. and there will be no signal until you move your video card to another PCI slot -- a real pain in the wazoo when you've already got a bunch of other cards installed.