PowerMac G4 MDD temperature problem


Ok, so I get the feeling I have a temperature probelm with my G4. When I do something CPU/graphics intensive (one example would be games like UT2k4) and the temperature raises inside the case, the machine freezes. Using Tempreature Monitor to monitor the CPU tempreature, I discovered that this happens when the CPU temperature raises about 8 to 9 degrees Celsius (from about 30°C to 38°C/39°C)
Unfrotunately I can not place the Mac so that it has a lot of free space behind it (where the hot air from the PSU comes out) without it blocking a lot of space that would be out of use... :( So that adds to the problem.

Has anyone an idea what I could do to control the temperature better? I thought of maybe re-route the hot air to the front, so there is no heat up behind the Mac near the wall, but so far I had no real idea how to accomplish this... Ideas? :eek: