PowerMac G5 Freeze


Hello all,

I have been having trounle with my PowerMac G5 (single processor) 1.6Ghz - it just keeps 'freezing'. The machine becomes completely unresponsive - iTunes stops playing, printer stops printing and the coursor will not move etc. and the only way I can recover it is by resetting by holding the power button.

The freezes seem to occur fairly randomly as far as I can tell - it seems to occur several hours after the machine has awoken from sleep, although I cannot say for certain that this is anything to do with the problem, and it has frozen in a variety of situations.

The machine is freezing less frequently since I replaced the RAM (it now has 1GB Samsung PC3200) and less still since I replaced the USB hub, but it still freezes every now and then and I am completely out of ideas - it has all of the newest firmware/system updates.

I am sure that this is not normal for Tiger, as I have a PowerBook which has had no problems at all. I am not even sure that it is a software fault.

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Many thanks,