PowerMac G5 won't boot after New RAM install


New to the Forums, Would Appreciate Any help with this mind boggling problem.

Hi gang,

I've been trying to install a pair of 1gig sticks into my PowerMac G5 all afternoon.

I unplugged every thing from the tower, removed the air circulator, and the fan assembly.

Installed the RAM and made sure it was firmly in place (until i heard it snap into the holders).

Put the Fan Assembly back in the system, and the air circulator and tried to boot her up.

It Starts up but nothing shows up on the screen, but the computer is running.

Any Ideas? Help ASAP would be GREATLY appreciated.

By the way: The RAM is from macsales.com
Does it boot properly when you take the new ram out of the system.

It could be you have faulty memory? or something is not right..

make sure it boots with out the new ram.. and then you know where the problem is.