iBook 0.6
iMac 0.7
PowerBook 0.667
PowerMac 1.6
Server 1.6
Pentium4 2
AMD 2.8
Transmeta 0.8
Sun B100 0.5

It is possibly to run a PowerMac at 2GHZ.
Kristjan: Nice Morrissey quote...

Herve: The G5 (although it has some minor hiccups currently will get damn close if not break it.

BUT. Please read arstechnica for a good explanation of the Mhz myth. We've gone over this ad nauseum. 1Ghz with a G4 chip with it's completely different way of processing commands is in most ways far superior to a PentUPium 1Ghz chip.

Really, read the arstechnica comparison. Search their site or I even think there is a link to it from apple's site.

and for Thor's sake, don't be so cryptic with your posts... I'm scaring myself that I may be beginning to in some small way decipher your posts.