PPP/MODEM connection unreliable/broken in 5L14


I apologize in advance, as this may read like the rant of a spoiled brat, but please hear me out!
I have used Macs since system 7.0 (I know, not nearly as long as many of you), I have made the transitions from system to system right through the beta of X to 10.1 now. I have been such a devotee of the mac I dragged my poor wife to the 1999 MWNY (year of airport and ibook). But to be honest I am getting FED UP. The beta of X should have been viewed as an Alpha, and the release 10.0 was clearly beta. I was miffed at the lack of drivers and the poor finder performance, but like everyone else expected that 10.1 would clear things up, maybe I'd get lucky enough to have my microtek scanner and scsi cd burner work again, No luck with those (ebay anyone?).

What really has me ticked off and fired me up to write this whiney diatribe....MODEM PPP support is unreliable at best, and most probably broken in build 5L14 on my AGP/G4 400. I'm not lucky enough to ever have DSL in my brand new neighborhood (thanks to Verizon's monopolistic behavior) because no new central station is planned. Nor is Comcast (another fantastic monopoly) coming anytime soon with digital cable...mind you this is in suburban Maryland near D.C. ....so I must use a dialup...it gets better, the best phone connection here is 26.4 Kbps thanks to verizon's mizerly lack of digital switching....wow, i could sent more data packets with smoke signals faster! Anyway, MODEM support in 10.1 is BROKEN. I get a connection then at random intervals MSIE 5.1 decides it can't find the DNS anymore, Mail can't find any of my mail servers....basically the connection, while still up physically, is not functional.

Going to the Internet Connect app results A) occasional resumption of IP activity if the app is started then quit B) ENDLESS SPINNING BEACH BALL OF DEATH upon launching the app or trying to disconnect the connection or C) (most common) Complete system freeze. WHAT THE &*^&%*%???? This is UNIX, the uncrashable modern microkernal operating system of the future....WHAT TOTAL BULL&*(&*(&*(^, This is the INTERNET OS, This is the gateway OS, this is the promised land......I am so freakin ^&*^&*^&*^&*)(* about this its not funny. And no, I don't want to use Windows, its worse...

The problem is Apple seems to be heading that way too; it is PATHETIC that the INTERNET OS can't even maintain a modem connection using Apple proprietary hardware (just try using a USB modem with OS X, hah hah hah, funny joke, that broke with Public Beta). I am sick and tired of shelling out more and more money for new peripherals because no one is making drivers for this "easy to program" "futuristic" "promised land" of an Operating System. I now understand why Apple wastes its time with iPods and stores instead of working on the OS.....they just freakin don't care......well they are working hard to alienate this lower class "modem only" using fan....Well, then, there's always satellite internet service.....oh wait a minute, you need a PC for that.