:eek:I did some snooping around an AOL (how lame is that?) beta for OS X, and I stumbled across a file that caught my interest: "pppd". Now, this file was hidden inside the contents of the app (the "Online Files" and etc were within the Resources), so AOL, being as, as...(what's that word?) as it is, decided to hide it from all of us Darwin freaks who would have great interest in it. Now, the cool part: this file was a native mach-o executable. In other words, ./pppd. Hehehehe. When I ran this file, I got everything I would normally expect from running ppp or pppd with no arguments: several lines of garbled gibberish. And I figured AOL was up to something, since when I was on (even over TCP/IP) other programs claimed that I had an AOL-style IP (172.*.*.*). This must be the work of the pppd they have, giving me some sort of TCP interface. Weird huh? If you would like me to upload the beta somewhere (since non AOL users don't have access), to look around in the contents, just respond to this thread asking so.