PPPoE Stays Connected But Stops Receiving


Hello there,

I am not certain if anyone has ideas on how to resolve my problem, I believe it is likely caused by the ISP and not my MacBook's configuration.

I am in China and connecting to a PPPoE service. No matter if I connect directly to the ethernet point or use a router to manage the connection with DHCP.

The problem is that my Network Panel/Diagnostics shows that I am connected for all 5 lights but I am unable to receive any web pages, e-mail, chats etc. I have tried to keep track of how and when it happens. For example some times I can be connected for 10 minutes with just 10MB downloaded and then poof and other times 50 minutes with just 1MB DL then poof.

I have tried:
- New user account
- changing the NTU for the PPPoE and other interfaces
- standing on one leg

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,