PPPoe with Dynamic ISP (Enternet/Pacbell)


:D Does any of you know how to get a connection with PPPoE using Westell Wirespeed DSL modem, via Enternet (it's a specialized software). I'm using PacBell in California as my DSL provider. :confused:

I have a dynamic ISP, therefore it changes every single time I log on :eek: , the fix (via Linux's port of Roaringpenquin, which can be found on http://www.versiontracker.com only really focuses on static ISP (permanent ones), and gives a bizzare :p directions for Dynamic (changing) ones.

I'm interested in knowing how many people has gotten this to work, and if so, how!? ;-)

Thanks :(

email me at mezzikah@ hotmail.com

Bill :cool: