PPPoE works in OS X!!!!!!


Mac Ninja
You know that stupid program Enternet that you must use to connect to shitty DSL services? I know PacBell uses it, as does Earthlink.

Well it's available on OS 9 only (and windows).

You basically put in a username and pass and hit connect to "connect to your broadband". Stupid.

Well, OS X has a PPPoE option in network, and I just put in the correct user and pass, and it works!

One gripe. I had no problem with this, but it is poor user design. The only way to connect is to check "show PPPoE status in menubar". Then it appears as a menuling thing. Then in THERE, you can choose to connect. I'm sure many people may have a hard time with this.


Most routers, including Airport BS have PPPoE. They have options to auto connect and stay connected. You can use a router to share the DSL connection across multiple computers.

My X machine is sitting behind a Linksys and Airport routers. I just pick up the iBook from anywhere and just start using the web :) I have SWBell dsl which is basically the same outfit as PacBell.