PPTP VPN on 10.3.9: Default gateway issue


Hi Mac-Peeps,

I'm the proud owner of a 15 inch Powerbook G4 Notebook for more than a year now. I'm currently running Mac OS X 10.3.9 and Ubuntu Linux on it.

I'm using my Powerbook both at work and at home. At work, I use it alot to connect to our customers Windows servers via PPTP VPN to do remote assistance.

And here's my main gripe: As soon as I establish a VPN connection, my default gateway gets set to the remote VPN endpoint, so that I'm no longer able to surf the internet or do other things on the net!

On Windows NT, 2000 and XP there is a little option in the properties dialog of a VPN Connection to prevent the remote endpoint from being set as the default gateway...is there such an option in Mac OS X or do I have to change the default route manually each time I establish a VPN connection?