Prefomance problems/glitches on my G4

Slicer OSX

Well, I just got OSX, and I like it. Except for a few things.

High end prorams like Lightwave 3D that I want to run through classic mode slow down to the point of unusability. And when I d/l the free upgrade for Lightwave from for OSX, it also does not run as well as it did under 9.1. And they said OSX is the dream platform for taking advantage of Lightwave.

Internet Explorer (the version that comes with OSX) seems to have some problems. The minamizing action (quite slick in most programs) slows down when minamizing explorer pages. When preforming simple downloads, it actually slows down the system for some reason. Typing and navagation become difficult. This disturbes me.

I've noticed MANY glitches with the AOL programs, but those are still in Beta so I expected as much.

Despite all the enhancements and features, I expected OSX to be a bit more speedy and not glitchy given the fact that it was billed as the 'ultimate OS'.
Oh, and my system specs are: G4/466 with 512MB of RAM and a 113MHz system bus. I'm running 1280 X 1024 and refuse to go any lower. . . .