preventing iDVD ejecting disk after burning


Does anyone know of a way to prevent iDVD from ejecting a disk after it's finishing burning?

Many times, I let a disk burn over night, and don't like to have the DVD drive open for hours on end, letting dust in.

I searched everywhere in the preferences and the help docs, as well as Apple's support site.

- Ron
You know I had the same thought/experience (old house!) and I just don't think there is a way. Then again, as a semi fix, all you would need is to automate a single F12 keystroke some time in the middle of the night that you know would be after your disk is burned. I have QuicKeys and this is a snap to do. If you have Tiger, can you set up a timed Automater event to do this? Ugh - I really hate Automater and I can't find a way to do a simple "Switch to Finder then type F12 (to close DVD tray)" with it. I think there are some Freeware macro type programs you could use - QuicKeys is too expensive for just this. Applescript?
Great ideas.... I was hoping to not have to do that, but I will look into it.

If I come up with a script, i'll post it.
Good ideas! Thanks...

I should be taking a look at this soon. It's looking like i'll be writing an AppleScript if anyone's interested.