Preview App 3.0.1 On Tiger 10.4.2


I use the Preview app almost exclusively over Adobe Reader (Preview starts up quicker and is simple and easy). So ever since going from Panther to Tiger and Preview 2.0.? to Preview 3.0.1, I've noticed some strange behavior/changes to it, namely with the toolbar and the tool commands.

In the previous version of Preview, I could select the scroll (grippy hand) function (command+1) or the crop/select (cross-hairs) tool and I could freely switch between them and Preview would also remember the last tool I used. Now in the newest version, I have mostly been confined to the crop/select cursor and I can't select any other method/tool from the menu bar (it always grayed-out). The only way to scroll with the cursor now is by holding down the spacebar while clicking and dragging (a one-handed function that is now a two-handed function).

So what's happening (besides me losing my mind)? Has the Preview App really lost some functionality? Or am I just getting some weird behavior. I've tried deleting the preference files; no big changes occurred, just back to the defaults and no extra "tooly-ness". I'm on a 2.7GhzP.M. G5... Thanks :)