Preview & Image Apps Stopped Working


Hi guys,

Thx for your support. I'll try to explain it the best I can.

PowerBook G4 17" 1,5 GHz, 1Gb DRAM, just over a year old. OSX 10.3.9 w/all the updates downloaded on a daily basis.

A few weeks ago and without installing any new app or any further change Preview stopped working suddenly. I double-clicked on a pdf and the small black triangle appeared on the dock icon as the preview menu on the bar did but nothing happened. Only been able to force-quit it. I also noticed that GraphicConverter (5.6.2) and SmallImage2 behaved similarly. No way to make them work again, even restoring apps from the sys DVDs. After a few days (don't ask me how, I tried every single possible thing) I managed to make Preview working again but not the other apps.

Then it happened again after some days. It seems that the only graphic managing app that works normally is Photoshop 7, this one never failed. Of course is pretty inconvenient to open it every time you need to look at a graphic file or for just resizing a pix for e-mail, like killing flies with a bazooka I'd say.

I guess there's something wrong with the way OSX manages jpeg/pdf extensions?

Any idea that could help me please. I will get Tiger later this year but I don't wanna install it over a less-than-perfect system.

Many thx again for your help, you're great.


Thank you Gig' (loves Marley too!)

Yes I did as you say in your post even if the problem wasn't the associations but the right apps behaving wrongly.

I must say that after sending my question to the gurus (btw that's why I didn't started my post in the proper forum, I just sent my query form to the site) I succeed in making them work perfectly again by the simple way of deleting the prefs files of the offending apps. Of course I had to redefine my prefs and personal settings again as in a clean installation but this is a minor hassle compared to not being able to open the files.

Now the only thing it still gets me puzzled is why they stop working properly in first instance!

cheers to all