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I am a switcher, and very happy with OS X.

I have one annoyance question tho?

When you are in a folder that has around 20 pictures in it, on windows you can view as thumbnails, and then you don't have to click on each picture to view what is it! On my MAC, all it shows in the icon with the .jpeg extension, but it's the same basic icon for all of them! (See Screenshot 1)

I would really like to be able to view the pictures, so that I don't have to click on each and everyone to find what I'm looking for!!

Thanks for any help,


Mac Mini, 1.42GHz G4, 512MB, 80GB, Superdrive, Tiger (10.4.1), iLife '05


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I hope you enjoy the mac.

Press Apple + J (Apple is like Control, but for Mac, so control + V for paste is Apple + V) to show the view options. Check the box "Show icon preview".
wow, i used to get so pissed off that my icons didn't show. I also have used Pic2Icon and that works great but is a bit of a pain.

Kayle12, try using pic2icon to get the stubborn ones. whatever app was used to make the image may not of included the preview in it. frequently this happens with web images to reduce file size.
You could try switching finder to Icon view rather than list or column view.
You can put small icons on all pics by opening the pics in most graphic software. Graphic Converter will put icons on whole folders at once.