Previews not giving a nice PDF


I don't know what is the exact source of the problem, but when I preview a document made with Appleworks, the PDF that result has major differences with the original. It is not supposed to!!! Well, let's say that the page design was complex: many images, lot of pages (107), and so. The text wasn't justified on the PDF, unlike the text document.

I don't know if the problem would be the way Appleworks was carbonized, or something else.

Have you experienced similar problems? One of the reasons I installed OS X was to produce this only PDF. Hope it'll work someday! The feature itself seems really nice, if it could work...

According to devloper sorces, Quartz is "almost ready" in the OS X PB Developer ver.4 (not to be confussed with the Dev, only ver. 4) It is expected to be finalized by Jan, but that would explain the PDF problems. We still have the original OS X PB with the somewhat buggy Quartz engine.

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