print center crashing...suggestions?


Print Center continually crashes on my wife's iBook whenever it gets launched (by printing from an app or by launching it directly). I get a rainbow spinner for maybe 1-2 minutes and then Print Center just dies (no error).

Does anybody have any suggestions as to how I can restore Print Center to defaults without using Print Center itself? In other words, which files/preferences can I trash or edit in an attempt to get it running again? I can always reinstall my printer drivers (for a Lexmark Z22) later.

This is 10.1, if it makes a difference.

If you read the thread about the DVD player hack, there is some discussion about how to get the DVD off the install CD without getting anything else off it.

You could probably get the Print off in a similar way. Anyway, hopefully this might be a starting point for you.

Interestingly, The programs that always crash for me are Netinfo Manager and Disk Utility. Those two and Print Center are the only three included apps that are setuid root. (actually only one executable inside of printcenter is setuid root). I wonder...