Print dialog in Tiger isn't working


We have a user here with a 12" Powerbook who's had problems printing since upgrading from Panther to Tiger. I did the "Reset Printing System" bit, ran Printer Setup Repair, and re-created all the print queues, but there's still something wrong. Basically, when he opens the print dialog in any application, clicking Print doesn't do a thing. The "PDF" button does show some options, but none of them work.

In applications that have a "direct print" button (ie: MS Office applications), clicking that button will send the document to the default printer. Also, I can open up the CUPS interface ( in a browser and send a test page to the printer. So, the printers are just fine. The drivers are fine. The "Print" button in the Print dialog box, however, refuses to do anything at all.

I did *not* do any of the other "routine, general" troubleshooting stuff (repair permissions), though. Any ideas??