Print Window in OS X??

I just did. I have an hp printer hooked up on my network using a JetDirect interface.

Added the printer as a lpr device using the printer setup window and when I clicked print (from IE5) everything "just worked".

he probably means a Finder window - you can't that i know of, but you can take a screenshot using Grab and print that
Okay, if that's what he was asking. Did that too -- works just fine.

Used to take a snapshot of a finder window. Clicked print under the file menu.


In Pre-OS X days, if you open up a folder and you have a list of files, you can go to (File -->> Print Window...) and it prints the contents of that folder.

I hope that they didn't completely remove this feature. Using grab and taking a screen shot will work if you can view all the contents of your folder, but if you have a huge list and your screen only displays a portion of the content, then the screen capture will only capture the portion that is displayed.

It sounds like they took away this feature in OS X beta.