Printer Cleaning Utilities: How to Access?


Greetings all,
I am using Gimp Print with Tiger on my eMac; my printer is an Epson C42UX. I have been having some "banding" problems with printing graphics, and discovered that there doesn't appear to be a utility menu for head cleaning, alignment, and so forth, to attempt to fix any problem with the printer. Is there some invisible command that I haven't discovered as yet? Naturally I've tried the preferences/printer icon, but that reads mostly as blank. Comments? Or is it simply a matter of getting another printer that is Mac-ready? Thanks for reading. Sparrowhawk.
Check any CDs your printer came with, I believe it should have an app called Epson Printer Utility somewhere on it that lets you do these tasks.
Thank you! I reloaded the CD (which I was told would not be compatible with Tiger), and discovered a utility icon that allows for the same functions that the Windows PC allowed. Much Thanks! Sparrowhawk