Printer config trouble


Any help with 2 printer config issues would be much appreciated!

Our config is as follows: we have a 10bT ethernet. Our printers (an old HP Laserjet 4ML and a HP Deskjet 970Cse) are attached to a HP JetDirect500X print server sitting out on the net. My old 8500 happily saw both printers with no trouble; my wife's winblows machine took alot of effort to get configured, but we managed it.

My new G4 came with OS X pre-installed which I am using, and it is with this machine that I'm having trouble.

I was able to set up the 4ML - sort of. Print center recognzies it and can print to it, but it set it up with a generic printer setup. I can't find any way to select the specific PPD file (which I copied into the Library/Printers/PPDs) directory. Anyone know of a way to force selection of a specific PPD?

The 970Cse is completely inaccessible from the G4, even though the 4ML is visible and attached to the same printserver. I understand support for the 970 is supposed to come with OS X, but it's not apparent to me :). HPs website seems to say OS X support for the 970's will be for USB connected only. I am hoping that means as opposed to serial port connected, but what about network?

Any help appreciated. Thanks.