Printer Connected to Windows 2000



I'm trying to print from my PowerBook G4. The printer is a HP4215 all-in-one OfficeJet, connected to a networked Windows 2000 Pro machine via USB, and sharing is turned on. My PowerBook is running OSX 10.4.1. I've tried several methods of locating the printer over the network without succes.
1. I've tried installed Bonjour on the Windows machine. However when I run the Bonjour printer wizard it is unable to locate any Bonjour printers.
2. I've installed the 4215 printer drivers on my G4, but I cannot locate the printer on the network through the Printer Setup Wizard.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Thank You
BTW, when you downloaded the drivers, was it in a .dmg format? If so, when you opened it did you COPY the installation files to the desktop or did you run them from within the mounted disk image? If you ran them from within the mounted disk image, it won't work. That happened to me yesterday with Epson drivers I needed to install. All I saw after reboot were aliases to the supposed files. Once I copied the files to the desktop and unmounted the image, I ran the installation and it worked for me.