Who can tell me how I can activate my HP Deskjet 843C under Mac OS X beta? I found the printer center doesn't support any HP printer, so I thought maybe I can activate my printer in the terminal of Mac OS X.

Or does someone knows if there's a driver from HP for Mac OS X?


Prinitng isn't working yet.

"WHAT???" Settle down. This is an HP thing. Apple has no control over it.

"Will there be printint?" If not, I guess I'll have to install LinuxPPC again. There will be printing, but the companies that make your printers also need to make your drivers. So when HP makes your drivers, you can print.

"How long will that take?" Probably not too long. Most of the printer companies aren; releasing printer drivers for the same reason that major companies aren;t releasing final versions of their software for OSX - it's beta. If they did release it, they'd get tons of emails about bugs with this and crashes with that. They'll wait till OSX is final.

So, boot into OS9 if you want to print.

Thankx, but the problem is, that "booting into OS 9" takes much more time then simply press CMND-P

Do you think Mac OS X will be launched on 24 February?

I'm not familiar with your model HP, but if it is USB, there is a chance that it will work with some (buggy?) beta drivers.

Again, a simple search of the fora for "hp printer" would have revealed this info. A good place to start is here.