Printer Help Please

I'm trying to use CUPS (localhost:631) to connect to a shared printer; that is connected to the server. The name of the server is "serv" and the printer is shared as "PRNT". The server runs Win2k Pro. When I open CUPS and create a new printer, to connect to smb://serv/prnt it asks for the brand/model. The printer is a HP DeskJet 932C Series. That's one if my issues... finding a driver for it. But the other issue is that when I click "Print Test Page" for that printer I get the error:

"Unable to connect to SAMBA host, will retry in 60 seconds...ERROR: Connection failed with error NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL"

Any ideas?
Thanks in Advance! :)

EDIT: The server shares internet with the Mac, so yes they are both on the same network.