Printer Mac/Windows


r00t boy
I have a TiBook w/AirPort. A Barricade wireless router w/ a windows 98 box attached to it and a printer plugged into the router print server. Is there anyway I can setup this bad boy so my TiBook can use the printer.



p.s. its a HP Deskjet 840c
Yeah, I think I know how to do this, not posative, though.

1) Share the printer on the 98 box.
2) connect to the printer from the mac.

So, first go to the 98 box, and, in the network control panel, enable file and printer sharing (you don't have to share files, but I'd do it, its cool).

Now, right click on the printer on the 98 box (is it somewhere in 'my computer'? ). Select 'sharing' and enable a password for access.

I think we're done here.

Clean hands. This is allways necessary when going from your pc to your macintosh ;-).

Ok, now, on the mac, log in, and open the terminal (its in /Applications/Utilities).

Type smbutil and press enter. This shows the help screen, and may be usefull if what I say doesn't make sence (which happens quite offten ;-).

Here is the format for printing to the pc printer:

smbutil print //user@host/share file

So, if your username is kilowatt, the host is and the share is hpprinter, type this to print help.txt:
smbutil print //kilowatt@ help.txt

It should prompt you for a password. If using the IP address of the PC doesn't work, try its hostname ( or whatever) or its windows smb name (such as slowblows or whatever, its in the network panel under 'identification' on the pc).

I don't really know what type of file will allow its self to be printed, it may be that only post script files work. I don't have a pc to test this on (boo hoo, all mac, linux, and solaris!).

If you need help on the smbutil command, type:
man smbutil

Look for future versions of Mac OS X to nativly support pc printers in the print center. I think there are several third party programs just for this, you might want to try them if this doesn't work.

Please post your progress, as this information is needed by many.