Printer not recognise


My epson stylus color 600 isnt recognised by OSX... I suppose the only answer is that OSX requires new drivers and they wont be ready before the final shipping, if ever, but if anyone has found a way to make it work in OSX (or at least in Classic), I\'ll be grateful.
Lack of printer is the last thing stopping me from using OSX as my main OS. I\'m dead tired of crashing my comp every time I compile a new version of my apps ;)


I guess all Epson 600 owners are out of luck. I've had mine for years and it seems a shame to buy a new printer when the old one works just fine!
Guess I'm confused. I have both the 600 and 740 USB Epsons and both work fine. In fact, did not even have to Add Printer in the Print Center for the 740 (it just magically appeared first time I turned the 740 ON). And the system thinks I'm using the 600 when it's selected for print. ????

Now I don't want to play with it, who knows, it may stop working :(