Printer problem- filter fails- PDFs


Hi, I have a macbook pro,

and I was running a Epson -2540 printer with no problems, I use my laptop at work, and wanted to use the office printer that i contect to over the network. It is a Dell3000cn printer. I followed the following instructions:

and got the printer to work, but It will not print PDF files, it will print everything else.

The error message says "filters failed"

My home printer (epson) which didnt have any problems, wont print PDFs as well now.

I have updated my adobe reader.

Any suggestions
I am certain that you issue is not "PDF files," but PDF files from certain sources. The workaround is to print as image. You did not say which application from which you are trying to print your PDF files. "Print as Image" is a feature of Adobe Acrobat Pro and Adobe Reader.