Printer Problems - Part II - Spooling Forever


Hi all

I thought I had fixed all my printer problems, but alas, it is not to be (yet, anyway). I have Panther 10.3.9 and a discontinued Ricoh AP505 Fiery PS3 printer. I was able to print before using the Generic PPD, then with the help of this board, I was finally able to use the correct PPD so that I could use the features (11x17, manual feed, etc.) that are applicable to the printer. I thought we had figured it out because I was then able to see those features where I could not see them before.

But, I went out of town, and now when I try to print, everything looks like it's working, until it ends up spooling until it gets to 27% and then it stops the job. It also takes forever to even get to the 27%. The printer job window says Pooling LPR job, creeps up t0 27% and then bombs out. It never does get to the printer.

This printer is on a wireless network, and it was working fine when I had it on Generic PPD, but I tried adding a new printer with that same option and it does the same thing. So, I am not sure what I did wrong or what happened. It has been a few weeks, so I am not sure if I ever did a test print from when I thought we had it working before, but it doesn't make sense that I can't go back to the old Generic PPD and it still does the same thing.

Any help appreciated.